How We Sell Your Home

Maybe you want to climb the property ladder and move into a bigger place, maybe you find yourself in an empty nest and are ready to downsize, maybe you're moving for a fantastic new job or to be closer to family - there are a ton of reasons that bring clients to us when they're ready to sell their home.

Getting to Know You

Every client, every home, and every sale is unique - we will meet with you to learn about your individual selling goals.

We'll take you through the selling process, step by step, so you know exactly what to expect and how best to prepare. Using comparable property data from the current market, we'll work with you to set the best price. We work with you every step of the way, managing your listing from beginning to end. we use proven strategies to best position your home and maximize your return.

Catering to Buyers

We know that the majority of buyers are looking for homes online, primarily on mobile devices. This requires extra attention to detail to ensure that all our listings look good on screens of all sizes.

To reach potential buyers and lead to showings before the listing is even on the market, we reach out to the top realtors in your area to give them the details on your listing.


✅ Your Home Advertised 24 Hours a Day Until Sold
✅ Full Colour Print Ads Across Toronto and The GTA
✅ Newspapers & Flyers
✅ Explosive Digital Marketing to Millions on the Internet
✅ Social Media Exposure: Targeted Ads
✅ Television & Radio
✅ Professional Photography & Virtual Tours
✅ Home Staging Consultation
✅ Contractors Available To Make Repairs & Improvements Easy
✅ Our Team of Professionals for the Same Price as Hiring a Single Broker
✅ Total Service Guarantee in Writing
✅ Your Home Sold Guaranteed Or I’ll Buy It*
✅ Competitive Rates, Exceptional Service, and Award-Winning Results
* Certain conditions apply. Ask for details

The Findo Home SOLD Advantage

There are many factors that go into getting the most value for your home. Preparing to sell a home for sale on the market can be somewhat of a daunting task. When we are faced with a big challenge, it can seem a little overwhelming. However, when we start to break down our goals step by step, the light of the end of the tunnel starts to appear a little brighter. If you are looking to sell a home, here are some of the few steps you will have to take.

Only once you have a firm answer to this question, are you ready to put the for sale sign on your front lawn. However, just knowing you want to sell your home is not enough. In real estate, timing is everything. Sometimes, in order to get the most value for your home, you have to take advantage of it when it is a “Seller's market”. Homes tend to sell better in a Seller's market, rather than in a Buyers market. In fact, it has been said that the same listing in an advantageous market can earn up to 20% more than a house listed in a disadvantageous market. You must make sure that your agent understands trends and market conditions to be able to properly advise you as to how to best proceed.
Additionally, there are many ways one can go about increasing the value of their home. Updating older appliances, adding a new coat of paint, and remodeling an area can pay huge dividends but many times spending money can be lost if not invested correctly. There are many ways one can increase the value of their home with a home renovation, but many Sellers often spend more than they get back. Knowing what to do is key to generate maximum return on your investment. Your realtor must be very knowledgeable in these areas. An easy way to know which areas of your house can benefit from an upgrade before a sale is by contacting an experienced Toronto & GTA realtor for a consultation. With the added value of a realtor’s insight, a world of trouble can be avoided, as their advice will help you make more money.
A real estate agent’s value comes from being able to market your property to the ideal Buyer no matter where they are. In fact, Buyers are coming from farther distances because of the mobile society that we live in. If your property is not getting that extensive marketing you must ask yourself “how much money am I potentially losing”? The objective is to net you as much money as possible for your home. The best way to find the best real estate agent in Toronto & GTA is to do your research. Look for agents that have an impressive marketing strategy, campaign, and reach. This is extremely important and it’s where the true expense will be for the realtor, (follow the money and you will know how much is invested in the marketing of your property). Of course, an excellent track record of success, selling a lot of homes, and have clients who are ready to provide glowing testimonials is also very important. Remember, the best agent/client relationship is built on trust. To find the realtor you can trust to get the most value for your home.
Once you settle on your ideal real estate agent, their job is to get as many eyes on your home as possible. You will work together to come up with a marketing strategy and decide on an asking price that will help position you for the best likelihood of attaining the highest and best price for your home.Once the price is set, your realtor should begin to extensively market your home through as many targets and mass media marketing avenues as possible (once again advertising is expensive so follow the dollars spent and you will see the value). Once your home is seen by the masses, you can anticipate a higher level of interest and will not need to have ineffective open houses.It’s important to make your home look its best for potential buyers your agent should be able to show you the secrets of making your home look its best.
You may be presented with offers, each is unique with different prices, terms, and conditions. Not every offer will be a home run, so it is important that your agent be there for you to counter the offer and further help you negotiate. This is where your realtor's experience is hard at work to help you get the best possible results. There is no substitute for experience.
Once you and your home realtor have found the offer that best suits your needs, you can prepare for the closing of the sale. The paperwork will be sent to your lawyer, who will facilitate the closing of the property. Then you will be able to collect your cheque from your lawyer once of course you hand over the keys to the Buyers.Selling your Toronto & GTA home can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Findo offers his guaranteed home selling system that has been making clients happy for well over 15 years. If your home doesn’t sell then, he will buy it. Contact FINDO today for a free home evaluation.


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“I cannot even begin to express how pleased I am with Findo. I have yet to find a question that they didn't have an answer for, Agents are very knowledgable in their field and their honesty and integrity is beyond superb. Always made us feel like we were his only clients and no matter what situation arose she always had a positive approach. We sold our first family home with Findo and their team. We bought our new home through Findo as well and we wouldn't think twice about using Findo in the future.”

Raymond & Yolanda Berneux


“We have had repeated success using Findo to sell our properties. Ramin and his team are extremely professional and reliable with great communication, we are always kept informed and up to date. Ramin's knowledge of the market has helped us attain top dollar and the low commission has helped us save big dollars as well. We will definitely look forward to using Findo again in the future. Thank you so much.“

Lisa & Tim LaRochelle


"Findo exceeded all my expectations. They won my trust by taking the time to ensure they understood my particular needs, patiently walking me through the whole process, sharing their knowledge, being completely above-board, and being ready at a moment's notice when the time came to do all the hard word and to seal the deal to everyone's satisfaction. My new home is a perfect fit and there is no question that I would not have procured it without Findo. To boot, along with the keys, I somehow ended up with a cheque from my REALTORS®! I am recommending Findo & Team Atta to all of my family members and friends without hesitation."

Cathy Lenards


“Our home selling experience could not have been a better one with Ramin and his Team. They really took the time to make sure that we understood all the in's and outs' of selling our property. They have gone above and beyond to help us sell our home including helping stage our home for potential clients and taking photos of the home for the MLS® listing. Thank you so much for all of the help. We are wishing you all the best.”

Nancy & Bob Valentine


“We are very glad that we chose Findo when we decided to sell our house in Burlington. The house sold very fast at the market price that they had suggested. We were impressed by their professionalism and appreciated their progressive approach to real estate fees. They went well beyond the call of duty, ensuring that the house could be shown to its full potential. Thank you for a job well done!”

Patrick Matthews

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