Why Should You Hire A Mortgage Broker? Here Are 5 Reasons Why FIND AN AGENT

To expand on the advantages of mortgage brokers, we put together 5 more reasons why you should hire a mortgage broker:

1. At Your Side (during the home buying journey)
To start, a mortgage broker can help you find a realtor to work with and find home listings within your budget. They’re in regular communication with different lenders who can offer specific loan programs. Loan programs based on your unique buying needs. These unique programs aren’t always readily available through a bank and can differ between broker. In general, a broker is in a better position to save you from lenders with strenuous payment terms or financial criteria.Mortgage brokers are also responsible for gathering and managing any critical paperwork. This is a huge time saving measure so you don’t have to handle the burden of coordinating loan information, signatures, and piles of paper. Plus, they act on your behalf, helping to communicate with a lender and secure your mortgage. With the best possible deal.
2. Quicker & More Efficient Access To Lenders
If you were to handle the mortgage process by yourself, you would need to first find different mortgage lenders. Comparing their rates, terms of service, and other fees. It would take a lot of time and resources. Moving from office to office, speaking with processors, and coordinating price points (especially with ever-changing mortgages rates).Mortgage brokers naturally have better access to mortgage rates, lenders, and special loan programs. Brokers are in a better position to get special offers on retail mortgages and are typically more accessible for customers and lenders alike.
3. Mortgage Fee Management
If you’re seeking mortgage services for the first time, you’re probably unaware of the different types of fees involved with any home purchase. Common additional charges include things like origination fees, application fees, appraisal fees, lawyer fees, and more.Mortgage brokers have a close network of realtors, lenders, appraisers, and lawyers. Due to these relationships, fees are more easy to manage. Your mortgage broker may get the lender to waive some of these fees or work with an appraiser to lower reporting costs. Each mortgage broker is different and can offer various types of fee management.
4. Financial Diversity
A mortgage broker is constantly paying attention to the market and lending options. Their craftiness within the marketplace will result in the exact mortgage solutions you need. They offer a vast range of loans, lenders, and are more flexible about your financial profile. An experienced broker tends to have an extensive network. This’ll provide different opportunities for you to get the best loan product and interest rate. Other mortgage companies and banks won’t always have the options you need. Or they’ll provide straight forward loan programs that won’t work for your specific financial situation.
5. You Get The Best Deal
Hiring a mortgage broker means the broker represents your needs and interests. They’re your personal advocate during the home buying process. The mortgage industry is competitive and any good broker will be sure to provide the best possible customer experience. Their job is to secure your mortgage and they’ll work tirelessly to make that happen.Essentially, brokers are your agent and consultant all wrapped in one. They represent your needs while working with lenders and take the time to define your mortgage requirements. To first understand these requirements, a mortgage broker will interview you and collect financial data. Then, together you’ll identify short and long term goals. From there, they’ll map out a way to meet those goals. Quickly and efficiency.

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"Findo exceeded all my expectations. They won my trust by taking the time to ensure they understood my particular needs, patiently walking me through the whole process, sharing their knowledge, being completely above-board, and being ready at a moment's notice when the time came to do all the hard word and to seal the deal to everyone's satisfaction. My new home is a perfect fit and there is no question that I would not have procured it without Findo. To boot, along with the keys, I somehow ended up with a cheque from my REALTORS®! I am recommending Findo & Team Atta to all of my family members and friends without hesitation."

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“Our home selling experience could not have been a better one with Ramin and his Team. They really took the time to make sure that we understood all the in's and outs' of selling our property. They have gone above and beyond to help us sell our home including helping stage our home for potential clients and taking photos of the home for the MLS® listing. Thank you so much for all of the help. We are wishing you all the best.”

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“We are very glad that we chose Findo when we decided to sell our house in Burlington. The house sold very fast at the market price that they had suggested. We were impressed by their professionalism and appreciated their progressive approach to real estate fees. They went well beyond the call of duty, ensuring that the house could be shown to its full potential. Thank you for a job well done!”

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