How to write an offer, finalize a mortgage, prepare for closing day and take possession of your new home. Make an Offer and Close the Deal DOWNLOAD GUIDE

When you’ve found the home you want to buy, it’s time to make an offer to the seller.

Your offer must include:

Your legal name, the name of the seller, and the address of the property
The amount you’re offering to pay (the purchase price) and the amount of your deposit
Any extra items you want to be included in the purchase (for example, window coverings)
The date you want to take possession (“closing day”)
A request for a current land survey
The date the offer expires
Any other conditions that must be met before the contract is finalized (for example, a satisfactory home inspection)
You should expect to negotiate. While the process can be stressful, it’s all about making the best deal for you and the seller.

Home Buying Guide & Workbook

Download the guide and workbook for complete information and customized calculators. Save your workbook regularly to track your budget, calculations and notes.

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